Day: June 3, 2019


Southern fund Li Zhenxing: Second half of the year grows an opportunity or be more than first half of the year

As first half of the year of prices receive an official, achievement is taken an examination of to also be announced subsequently in fund. Wind data shows, by Li Zhenxing of star fund manager the southern character actor of administer chooses mixture fund (002851) obtained first half of the year of 25.82% go up strong, before 1% bodies rank in 1368 agile configuration fund. Look into prospective prices, li Zhenxing states future invests politic admiral still with concentration give priority to, bibcock of domain of key attention fractionize, main area is nice, pass through periodic accomplishment actors or actress.

To the 3 quarters that just begin, li Zhenxing thinks, 3 quarters most the problem of core is economy main area whether of quarter of continuance just a little super- expect pattern, and the effect that this basically sees tripartite face factor. It is to should view estate data, should observe catenary of industry of 34 quarters real-estate is relevant the main area change of the company and policy face. 2 it is to should see middle reaches manufacturing industry one round this fill the process of dilate of inventory, gain whether continue. 3 it is to see interest rate.

Specific go up to investment opportunity, li Zhenxing points out, second half of the year grows the opportunity should is more than 上海千花网论坛 上海千花网possibly first half of the year, it is benefit from benefit from is decreased on one hand oppose new rule; It is outstanding on the other hand grow valence[……]

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