Chinese edition ” : of army of delta special type? Broadleaf plant of  of planning プ Gu washing with watercolors  ! Does square  ugly?

 ” army of delta special type ” newest make ” Hei Ying descends: The blade of battle group ” (Black Hawk Down: Team Sabre) , had arrived to be made in full blast now in, ask a player to wait a few days patiently again, this your work is about to appear on the market. This data piece in, battlefield changed field from congested Somalia urban district. Game added battle of two single people newly: The fears instead war on the battle of Colombian forest and oil field of Iranian seaside isle. These two dummy battle should make be used to a street battle namely ” Hei Ying descends ” what players experience wide field to fight is brand-new feeling. And after Chinese is changed, can make a player easier master executive task.

 The content of single person game in this game is very rich, but this made focal point or in respect of much person game. Notable is still joined in game can offer driving vehicle. This second NovaLogic revealed a data piece 4 kinds o上海千花网论坛

f medium vehicle, include: A light bo上海千花网交友

at of light-duty jeep, air cushion mixes helicopter, 3 people landing craft. In fact this company is in early ” Hei Ying descends ” had been in before put on sale make these vehicle,上海龙凤论坛sh1f

and relevant physics engine, apply its ” Commanche 4 ” in, integral performance is very good.

” the blade of battle group ” in still will join 30 brand-new map of much person battle. Players want to use a variety of tactics methods in these vast area, in forest, play爱上海同城

ers still can mount the tip of a tree from altitude snipe enemy, still can ambuscade a上海夜网论坛

mbush in brushwood. These ta上海夜网

ctics can not be experienced in a street battle.

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