Still can add is made? Suo Ni or intended will ” former days no longer ” game of make it series

Suo Ni had developed not little new play set in this for generations, can all alone instead the IP of Buddhist nun old generation, be like ” mysterious maritime space ” and ” kill region ” already no longer scene as before, because the developm上海夜网

ent of new IP is crucial to Suo Ni’s development. So, suo Ni does not have go no further not before, very much this year new IP also be about to put on sale, be like ” the gho上海千花社区

st to Ma Dao ” , ” death is hard and fast ” , ” the demon in the wall ” and ” former days no longer ” . Althoug爱上海

h all alone the Buddhist nun is opposite at present ” the ghost to Ma Dao ” , ” death is hard and fast ” and ” the上海千花网龙凤论坛

demon in the wall ” the idea of these 3 new IP is still ambiguous still, but the public relations delegate of the Suo Ni in be being interviewed again discloses, suo Ni is intended will ” former days no longer ” game of make it series. Interview in what accept foreign media Average Caucasian Shark when, public relations delegate of Suo Ni expresses, ” former days no longer上海千花网交友

” the game that is a separate put on sale not just, sequel still can last follow-up, and a can be this series game germinant, suo Ni’s target is to create to people loves and still want 2, the game of trilogy. Suoniken hopes surely ” former days no longer ” make it a new series play, earn brushstroke greatly thereby. This also may be the target of every new play. Going up somehow, this is desirable. But interesting is, suo Ni been consideringing will ” former days no lo爱上海同城对对碰

nger ” make it a new series play, this just also predicts one kind to return have not project approving, or this shows Suo Ni is right possibly also ” former days no longer ” have enough hope, game will very popular, and players still want ” former days no longer 2 ” , ” former days no longer 3 ” . PS4 exclusive doomsday lives fire game ” former days no longer ” , will at official on April 26 put on sale.

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