SIE Japan atelier: Will one did not announce work head show 2019

4Gamer of Japanese game site releases developer of pair of industry of Japanese electron game continuously now interview end of the year, have a lot of among them to the reviewing 2018 and think over, and the discussion that plans to future. Still concern in these interviews at resembling Suo Ni ministry of Japan of each other amusement will be made public 2019 ” did not announce work ” such message. Bird hill shakes producer of SIE Japan atelier leaked this information, he ever was in recently fully reputable reputable ” space robot: Rescuing task ” hold a post in the project, resemble additionally ” hematic source ” and ” é of D é Racin ” the figure that there also is him in such project. The expression that bird hill shakes: “2018, we released game of VR platform leap, the name is ” space robot: Rescuing task ” , the player can undertake 360 degrees of movements experience from which, still have additionally ” é of D é Racin ” this work, the player can undertake exploration in time inactive world. These two game used the function of PSVR in the round, very glad to see the player can undertake one time trying to its. 2019, in the development that we will show to had be notted announce make newly, still begin the plan work of a few preparation for new project, thank players as always support. ” bird hill shakes this word is leakproof, do not have a bit to divulge to making the detailed information of the project newly. In other interview, ” dead fetch music ” and ” gravitational and swimmy ” the Shan Gui outside developer one man thinks 2018 to him be ” a year when be full of a worry ” , the job did not undertake spreading out according to his expect. One man expresses Shan Gui outside: “2018 it is a year when be full of a worry, appeared a lot of unexpected and the state that is without preparation, nevertheless, pass ” dead fetch music ” this game, what the communication of I and player has had 15 years is long, they gave the power of my game that make. At present a lot of things still are in behind the curtain, but I hope everything begins anew, bring a player best content hammer and tongs. Bring a player best content hammer and tongs..

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